Whether you are buying a new car or a second hand car, it is a big decision. It is important that you spend your hard earned money that is worth it. You will have second thoughts about it, talk to everyone, but at the end of the day the car is yours, and you are the one who has to spend the money. It becomes more important to check the reliability, safety and fitness of your car so that you do not regret the decision at the end.

Auto Inspections is here to help . We have been in business since 1990 and have grown substantially since then. Currently, we now service a total of 10 stores, which covers the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. We are proud to provide quality pre-purchase inspections at great competitive prices.

Why Opt for Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections?

  1. Peace of Mind:

So a pre-purchase inspection will provide you with an impartial, professional evaluation of the vehicle’s condition, identifying concealed problems or potential issues prior to your buying it.

  1. Save Money in the Long Run:

You won’t be able to swap it for a better one tomorrow. When you discover repairs are needed, the cost could be substantial. That’s why being thorough and doing research before purchasing could be more beneficial. Especially when you can get a guide on buying your vehicle from the gateway.

  1. Negotiation Leverage:

If anything is up, you can point to these findings to try and bargain for a lower price, or ask the seller to address the issues before the sale.

  1. Safety:

The safety of you and your passengers is paramount, so an inspection makes sure the vehicle is safe and has no defects that could hurt you.

Why Choose Auto Inspections for Your Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Melbourne?


Our highly trained and skilled staff of pre-purchase technicians have decades of experience in the automotive industry. We inspect every aspect of a vehicle, including the engine, transmission, brake and suspension systems.


We know you are busy. And meet you at the seller’s place or at home for mobile and Pre-purchase Inspections in Toorak and all Melbourne with your cars.

Comprehensive Reports:

We check everything carefully. We prepare a written report describing the overall condition of the vehicle, our findings and whether any improvements or faults have been found, and give you professional advice what to do next.

Affordable Prices:

We provide quality services, at affordable prices. Our pre-purchase inspections are a price sensitive palette ensuring value.

What Does Our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Include?

Our inspection covers all the critical components of the vehicle, including:

  • Engine performance and condition
  • Transmission and drivetrain
  • Brakes and suspension
  • Electrical systems
  • Interior and exterior condition
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Underbody and exhaust
  • Fluid levels and leaks
  • Road test to assess overall performance

How to Book Your Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

If you’d like to discuss your requirements or get a quote from one of Auto Inspection’s mobile technicians in Melbourne, please contact us. We will do our best to arrange the inspection at a place of your convenience at a time suitable for you.


Knowledge is power, and that is why, when you buy a second-hand car, more than any other purchase it is better to be informed. Thanks to the inspection you can be the owner of a new car! Auto Inspections: selling peace of mind with a Pre-purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne. Do not rush your investment, call us now! Are you interested in having a pre-purchase car inspection? Find out now the real pre-purchase car inspection cost by our specialists! Call us to get your free quote now!