How happy would you be to purchase your very own car – be it a used BMW 535i or a Toyota Camry? This is only until you get stuck at home for a week because just after you bought your car it breaks down unexpectedly. A good pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne could stop nightmares such as this.

In this guide we explain why an independent pre purchase car inspections is so important, and what you can expect as part of a thorough inspection by Auto Inspections, and how to get yourself a professional expert.

Avoiding the Used Car Nightmare: How a Pre-Purchase Inspection Protects You

Purchasing a used car can be an exhilarating ride. You’ve found the perfect model – the colour, trim, luxury/sports package you’ve always dreamed of; you’ve negotiated a great price and the open road is calling out to you. But not so fast! A Pre-purchase Inspection in Melbourne is your ace up the sleeve to prevent a potential used car disaster.

Hidden Demons Exposed! Our skilled mechanics are your car detectives, ferreting out problems that aren’t easily noticeable, such as tiredness with engine or dodgy brakes and the clue: ‘her bill’ which indicated a larger scale of repair.

Informed Decisions with Confidence: What a feeling of relief to know precisely what condition the motorcar is in! With a thorough inspection report in your hands, you are in the position to make an informed buy. You can haggle over the price to your advantage, or walk away from the deal if the car is in too bad a state.

Save Money in the Long Run: Spot problems beforehand and save big bucks by avoiding expensive surprises down the road. Look at it this way: the cost of a pre‑purchase inspection looks like penny-ante stuff compared with the possibility of avoiding costly repair bills later on.

Under the Hood and Beyond: What a Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection at Auto Inspections Covers

At Auto Inspections, we check under the hood and in every nook and cranny, because what good would it be if our pre‐purchase car inspection covered the exterior while the engine was dying? We go the extra mile – here is what you can expect:

I give it an a-to-z Deep Dive Inside and Out: From the seat comfort to the dashboard, the bodywork, accident damage and the paintwork.

Engine & Transmission: We listen for odd engine noises, and look for leaking fluids, and check the various engine components for wear and tear. The transmission is also evaluated for smooth shifts and normal fluid levels, as well as any signs of slipping.

Brake inspection: Stopping Power, You Can Trust ‘Faulty brakes are a safety and legal nightmare,’ we inform customers, trying to convince them how gifty and genuinely interested in their safety we are. ‘We won’t allow potentially hazardous brakes to go undetected.’ Of course we will. We simply check the brake pads, discs and callipers and make sure that they are vaguely rattling and grinding together nicely.

­­Check the Undercarriage: A Perfect Hiding Place for problems – We examine the undercarriage carefully for signs of damage, leaking oil pan, salt damage, and rust. Many problems with a car can be hidden here.

Dont Let A Computer Try To Fool You! Be Your Own Computer Diagnostic Expert with Hidden Trouble Codes Now! Didn’t You Know Your Car Has A Great Deal of Information Stored Inside? Bring Us Your Diagnostics Scan Tool and Well Conduct A PC Style Computer Analysis of Your Vehicle. Stores All Trouble Codes from the Vehicles On Board COMPUTER. This Reports What’s Wrong with Your Vehicles Engine Repairs. No Problem Will Escape Analysis!

Putting it to the Test: Road Test Evaluation – The road test gets our mechanics behind the wheel to ascertain how the car handles, performs and drives; this ‘real world’ assessment complements the static inspection evaluation.

Choosing the Right Pre-Purchase Inspection Service in Melbourne: Don’t Settle for Anything Less

Given that there are 37 providers for Pre-purchase Inspections in Melbourne alone, how will you know which one to choose? Here’s a list of aspects to look for:

Expertise: Seek a company with a team of highly experienced, qualified mechanics knowledgeable in a wide variety of makes and models who can assess any vehicle.

Educational process: Insist on full coverage – not merely a quick and cursory test, as not all inspections are the same – but rather a known checklist (as stated in the preceding section above) which covers all main items on the vehicle.

Detailed and Legible Written Reports: An inspection is pointless if you can’t understand the findings in a written report. It should be clear and legible, listing any needed repair work. That way you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Customer Service that Gets You There: You will want a company that has an excellent reputation for customer service with representatives who you can reach at any time via phone or email to answer all of your questions before, during, and after the inspection.

Make the Smart Choice: Auto Inspections – Your Partner for Pre-Purchase Car Inspections in Melbourne

Here at Auto Inspections, we’re the place to visit when you buy a Certified Used Car in Melbourne, so you have everything covered on the pre-purchase car inspection.

All of our Mechanics are highly qualified, with many years’ experience in the motor trade, and they’re all petrol heads who live and breathe cars, so you know you’re in safe hands.

We’ve designed a pre-purchase inspection that gives you the maximum amount of information about the used vehicle in easy-to-read and simple terms, so even the most mechanically-challenged among you can fully understand what it’s all about.

Our written report is detailed and thorough.

We’re dedicated to excellent customer service. Our frontline staff are extremely friendly and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the inspection process and the turn-out of the report. Never allow a bad used car deal to make you road-side bondage.

Call Auto Inspections today to schedule a Pre-purchase Car Inspection in Toorak and get a free quote!

Looking for Additional Car Servicing Needs?

While pre-purchase inspections are the core of our business, we can also assist you with all other service needs of your car. Specialist mechanics can perform servicing on:

Problems with Starter Motor: Our experts will fix your starter motor so that the car starts every time.

Car Electrical Repairs: At our reputable business, our marvellous automobile electricians will put your automobile in excellent condition, such as fixing the complicated wiring or replacing malfunctioning lights.

Only the best for your car! Get an inspection by Auto Inspections today!