Get a Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car in Melbourne

A roadworthy certificate is a car safety certificate that verifies if your vehicle is safe for roads, other drivers, and passers-by or not. This test is usually completed by a roadworthy inspector who assesses all the components of your car. A vehicle inspection certificate is issued on the successful completion of this test.

Auto Inspections is an authorised auto inspection centre. With our reliable assistance, you can get a thorough assessment of your car before applying for an RWC. Our expert technicians also help you repair your vehicle’s faulty parts and ensure a proper roadworthy check before registration.

Car roadworthy certificate

Why Do We Need a Roadworthy Certificate?

There are a few reasons why you would need a car roadworthy certificate for your automobile in Dandenong, Australia including:

  • Buying or selling a registered vehicle

  • Transferring car’s ownership

  • Transferring the car’s registration to another state

  • Re-registering an unregistered vehicle

Cars that need to have a vehicle roadworthy certificate include cars, motorcycles, trailers, and large vehicles that weigh up to 4.5 tonnes. A roadworthy inspection is carried out at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) and each state follows distinct vehicle inspection guidelines. The regulations are strict and they check roadworthy certificates to ensure the safety of all people within the car. If your vehicle has crossed certain years or miles, it is possible that you might have to go through some difficulties during the inspection. New vehicles have a relatively smoother inspection process done.

What is a Roadworthy Certificate?

The roadworthy certificate is designed to ensure a car is suitable for the roads as per the guidelines set out by the Department of Transport. To attain this certificate, you need to get a roadworthy test which encompasses various standards that it needs to meet.

What is Inspected In a RWC?

The condition of your car and its suitability for the road is inspected in a roadworthy test. This includes the functioning, condition, and authenticity of various components, including:

  • Wheels and tyres

  • Seats and seatbelts

  • Steering, suspensions, and brake system

  • Windscreen and windows (including front wipers and washers)

  • Re-registering an unregistered vehicle

  • Vehicle structure and other safety-related items on the body, chassis or engine

RWC for cars proves that your vehicle is fit for driving on Australian roads. If your automobile doesn’t have a roadworthy certificate, then there are chances that it can be confiscated. Moreover, any car insurance company will not pay out a claim in such matters. Thus, it is extremely crucial to get all your details checked and approved by an authorised auto Inspection centre.

Benefits of Getting a Car Roadworthy Certificate

These are some benefits of getting a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle:

  • Vehicle registration: RWC is mandatory for the registration of your vehicle. It ensures that the car has been tested by qualified personnel and does not pose a danger to people on the roads.
  • Compliance with law: Avoid tickets by law enforcement when you have a car roadworthy certificate. There are hefty penalties for any driver caught without a valid RWC of the car. Although the RWC is not a guarantee that the officer will not inspect the car, non-compliance with RWC can land you in serious trouble.
  • Better price for your car: You always get the best price for your car during a sale, if you have an RWC. Along with the pre-purchase inspection report, the roadworthy certificate helps you get a higher price when you sell your car.
  • High performance: You get a higher performance of the car as all vehicular faults are examined and fixed before an RWC is issued.
  • Easy negotiation for buyer & seller: RWC helps to make the negotiations easy for the buyer and seller. Together with a pre-purchase inspection, this helps determine the real value of the car, including any faults or repairs.

Why Auto Inspections for RWC in Dandenong?

Are you planning to get RWC in Dandenong? Auto Inspections is among the top authorised centres in Melbourne offering car roadworthy certificates.

Here is the Auto Inspections advantage:

  • Authorised centre: We are a licenced centre authorised to provide roadworthy certificates. RWC issued by our inspectors is valid and can be used anywhere. As an authorised centre, we follow all guidelines and rules, issuing an RWC only after thorough assessment.
  • Fault repairs: Our skilled mechanics and auto electricians thoroughly check your car before RWC. Any fault in the car, be it minor or major, is repaired before it is presented for inspection.
  • Experienced staff: We have experienced staff with years of experience. They ensure that all issues in your car are repaired and all faulty parts are replaced before the inspection.
  • High-quality spare parts: We use only high-quality, as good as genuine or OEM parts to ensure the long-lasting vehicular performance.
  • All services under one roof: We provide all services under one roof. From mechanical and auto electrical repair to inspection and grant of an RWC. This proves to be a huge convenience in terms of time and money for our customers.

If you are looking for obtaining a roadworthy certificate at competitive prices with a fast turnaround, then you’ve come to the right place. Auto Inspections is an authorised RWC car inspection centre in Melbourne. You can call us on 0431 933 339 or email us at for more information.


Each aspect of a car that affects the security of the driver, passengers, and others on the road is inspected in a roadworthy test. This includes the condition and functionality of each important component of the vehicle, from wheels and tyres to steering, seat belts, lights and wipes are tested.

A roadworthy certificate is issued for each car to state that the vehicle is safe for driving on the road. After a thorough inspection and testing of the vehicle’s condition, the authorised body issues RWC to the car owner.

The rules for having a roadworthy certificate are strict, ensuring that the vehicle is safe and does not compromise the safety of the passengers as well as other drivers on the road.