Pre Purchase Car Inspection Checklist for Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Want value for money while buying a used car? A step-by-step inspection is mandatory to ensure that you do not jump into buying a faulty used car. Auto Inspections is a renowned and trusted name in the field of providing high-quality mobile pre purchase car inspections in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We check every component of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The following are the key aspects that are ensured by a professional pre purchase car inspection specialist in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne:

Follow the Checklist and Get Quick Onsite Car Inspection in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

a) Start with inspecting the exteriors: Inspect the exterior of the vehicle for any dents and scratches. Additionally, inspecting all the gaps between all the panels such as fenders and doors to find out any uneven gaps, can mean that they are not assembled appropriately. We are a trusted onsite pre purchase car inspection service that takes care of finding out any such dents and flaws. Also, checking the wheel walls for any rust or corrosion damage, as well as the hood and trunk for any unwanted noises, and inspecting the rubber seals around the doors and windows for rot or damage is necessary.

b) Check around the glass panels: Glass panels can have cracks or large, cratered spaces. Windows and windscreens with any cracks can lead to expensive repairs if left untouched for a long period.

c) Suspension Checks: Uncomfortable rides indicate an issue with the suspension system of your car. Our onsite car inspection specialist can detect any issue with the suspension system. This involves making sure that the shock absorbers are in proper working condition. If there are any issues, we can get it repaired at our fully equipped workshop.

d) Frame damage inspection: If external accessories such as the CNG or the Compressed Natural Gas kit is installed, there are chances of permanent holes being created in the body as the gas tank is mostly installed in the back trunk and is also bolted with the body. We inspect the front fenders and the top of the radiator parts to ensure that there are no issues with the frame.

e) Lights and tyres inspection: At Auto Inspections, we check the exterior of the used car that includes checking all types of lights of the car including the headlights (both low / high beams), tail lights, brake lights, fog lights, and so on.

f) Inspect under the hood: We check all fluid tanks for leaks, the belts for any cracks, hoses for the radiator, oil levels, coolants, timing belt, and the transmission gear.

Interior Inspection Checklist

When it comes to the inspection of the interior, the following are the key aspects of our auto inspections:

a) Checking for stains, rips, or cigarette burns on the upholstery.
b) Inspecting for any scratches on metal and plastic parts inside the car’s cabin.
c) Checking the airflow by switching on the air conditioner. We also ensure it has R134 coolant.
d) Inspecting the odometer reading to check if the kilometre run on the vehicle is relative to the age of the car.
e) Switches on the ignition to check for any warning lights on the dashboard panel. We also check all the other accessories such as parking sensors and cameras during this process to ensure that there are no faulty components.

Best Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspections in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Auto Inspections is a one-stop service centre and a trusted name when it comes to reliable and affordable mobile pre purchase car inspection services in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Call us to know how we can help you make the best buying decision of a used car for the most affordable rates and to get the services done within the least turnaround times. Get your free quote right away!