If you are based in Melbourne and are interested in a used car, pre-purchase car inspection is the most crucial step to ensure you buy the best one. Auto Inspections will begin to provide quality inspection services for used cars in Melbourne. We check cars thoroughly and ensure you buy a car with value for your money.


Why Choose Auto Inspections for Your Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?


Expertise and Experience


Our company will supply a team of experienced and professional mechanics to perform pre-purchase car inspections. Each mechanic meticulously inspects the car for problems, including the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, etc.


Convenience with Mobile Services


Due to your valuable time, we have our mobile facility for Pre-Purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne, where we will bring our inspector(s) to your convenience. It could be at the seller’s place or from your home/office (*in all third-party inspections in the Melbourne area only); the inspection will be done without moving the car away from the place.


Comprehensive Inspection Reports


After the inspection, you will receive a report detailing the car’s condition, including current and potential future problems. This will help you negotiate the price with the seller, change your mind, and not buy the vehicle if it has considerable problems.


What Does Our Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Cover?


Our pre-purchase check involves a thorough methodological approach to review the different aspects of a vehicle, assuring that all vital areas of the car are meticulously inspected. Some of the places we inspect are:


Engine Performance: We inspect for signs of engine wear or damage, engine oil leaks, and the worn condition of belts and hoses.


Transmission: They check for transmission fluid levels, observe leaks, and test the transmission’s performance.


Brake System: We check your brake pads, discs, and other items to ensure the safety of your system.


Suspension and Steering: We inspect the shocks, struts, and other suspension parts for signs of wear and damage, as well as the steering mechanism.


Electrical Systems: Check the battery, lights, and all electronic stuff.


Body and Interior: The outside of the car is checked for any sign of damage from an accident, rust or anything else, as are the interior upholstery and features.


The Importance of a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection


Pre-purchase car inspection is essential if you want to purchase a car. It can tell you how the vehicle is performing, and you can save some money since you don’t have to pay for the vehicle with countless failures. Besides, with the pre-purchase car inspection, you can have a specific advantage if you want to negotiate the price; for example, you can lower the price or ask the seller to fix the defects.


Book Your Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Today!


Next time you buy a used car in Melbourne, do it carefully. Call Auto Inspections and book your pre-purchase car inspection. Next time you want to buy a used car, why not give yourself peace of mind by having a Pre-purchase Car Inspection, whether by having your vehicle inspected at our workshop or by having us inspect your vehicle at your home or workplace with our mobile service?