Complete Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne

A professional onsite vehicle inspection is a series of preliminary key checks performed on different aspects of a used vehicle before it is purchased by a customer. Auto Inspections is a one-of-a-kind independent onsite car inspection service in Melbourne that provides affordable and reliable mobile car inspection services onsite. Usually, a pre-purchase car inspection is performed when the car to be purchased is used or from another city.

We perform a detailed pre-purchase inspection check or a mobile car inspection for the car you plan to buy to evaluate every aspect of the vehicle, including the mechanical, electrical, as well as inner, exterior, and its overall functioning. A detailed report that our specialist pre-purchase car technician provides after on-site car inspection involves necessary information the client will need to be aware of such as accidents in the past, if any, major repair works done, components replaced, and so on.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection Melbourne

This is done upon request of a client and would cost the client a minimal amount of money as compared to the cost of the vehicle. Several checks like the auto checks on the car engines, lights, brakes, steering, suspension, transmission, etc. are performed. Once the customer is aware of these issues with a mobile car safety inspection, they can negotiate the total price of the vehicle.

Benefits of Pre Purchase Inspection in Melbourne

These are the several benefits of getting a used car pre purchase inspection done before you buy or sell any vehicle in Melbourne:

Fault identification: A thorough inspection of the car helps you identify any faults in the vehicular system. From minor scratches and non-functional lights to major engine or mechanical faults, everything that can impact the performance and affects the value of the car is covered in the pre-purchase inspection. Our professional pre purchase vehicle inspection experts thoroughly examine the vehicle. With years of training, they are skilled in finding faults that are not evident to an ordinary buyer.

Saves you money: The car inspection before buying also helps you save money as the hidden defects can cost you hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement costs. This is especially the case when you are buying a vehicle that has components not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The pre purchase vehicle inspection also helps you find out the cost of repairs and replacement of parts so as to arrive at the true value of the car.

Confident buying: Most buyers are edgy and unsure when buying an old vehicle. You may also think it is risky, as the vehicle may have hidden defects or faults that show up only after you have bought it. The pre purchase inspection of the car helps to reduce this risk and gives the confidence that you are buying a good-performing vehicle at a fair price.

Buying from far and wide: You may be restricted to buying a car only from the neighbourhood as physical inspection may not be possible for you every time. This is especially true if the location of the used car is far from your home or in another city or state. However, with a pre purchase vehicle inspection, you can get a comprehensive report on the car and find its fair price, even without travelling or physically inspecting it yourself.

A better deal for the seller: If you are selling your car, a pre purchase inspection helps you get the best price. The pre purchase inspection specialist is an unbiased professional who thoroughly examines the car and comes up with a fair price for the car. You can also get your car repaired for any faults pointed out by the inspector to get the best price for your car. The pre purchase inspection report also boosts the confidence of the potential buyer and helps you get the best deal on your car.

How Does a Pre Purchase Inspection Work at Auto Inspections?

Inspection of the car for scratches and paint damage: In many used cars, there are chances that the car might have scratches or dents. If the car has paint scuffs or scratches or the previous owner has done a poor job of getting the scratches repainted, a professional pre purchase car inspection service will bring it to your notice.

Inspection of electrical components: Our expert auto mechanics perform thorough car checks to ensure that all the electrical equipment such as indicators, power windows, foldable mirrors, and other electrical components are functioning properly. We also inspect the heating and the air conditioning system as well as the coolant and reservoir to make sure that the HVAC system is intact.

Inspection of the battery for leakage: We check the battery for any leakage during a pre purchase inspection service.

Inspection of any other issue: Through a test drive, our onsite car inspection specialists test for any unpleasant or uncommon noises produced while driving. This is to determine problems with the car’s suspension, brake pads, rotors, and other components.

Detailed inspection of the engine: If the engine misfires or produces any noise, the pre-purchase inspection expert will be able to determine if there are any issues related to the engine. We can also perform corrective measures in our auto centre once you buy the car.

Is a Pre Purchase Inspection Worth It?

A pre purchase inspection is worth every penny. With a pre purchase inspection specialist, you can make an informed decision about your investment. A professional mobile pre purchase inspection service in Melbourne can ensure that the money you spend on buying a car that is inspected, is a smart investment. Auto Inspections is a one-stop service centre for onsite pre purchase car inspection services near Melbourne and the neighbouring suburbs.

Where Can We Do Pre Purchase Car Inspection?

A major concern about vehicle owners and sellers is the place of pre purchase inspections. Auto Inspections’ mobile mechanics for pre purchase car inspections can visit various places to conduct the inspections. These can be:

  • Sellers’ home

  • Buyers’ place

  • At the buyer’s or seller’s office or workplace

  • At the used car dealer’s place

The benefit of hiring a mobile mechanic to check the used car is that you save the hassle of driving while saving time and money. Our mobile mechanic vehicle inspection unit comes fully equipped to thoroughly examine the vehicle, using a pre-designed survey format that covers all aspects of the car.

In some cases, however, the car owner may be asked to bring the vehicle to our auto service centre. This, however, is only on a case-to-case basis.

Professional Pre Purchase Car Technician in Melbourne

Auto Inspections has evolved as the most sought-after mobile pre purchase car inspection service in Melbourne. In addition to providing detailed insight into the car’s maintenance history, we also assist in completing the legal transaction of the car to your name. Call our expert pre purchase technicians in Melbourne today to know more about the cost of a pre-purchase car inspection done on the used car you are looking to buy. Get your free quote right away!


A pre purchase inspection helps you get the real value of the car. You also find out any hidden defects in the car that can impact its performance. It is done by experts with extensive field experience. This, however, is not a legal requirement. If you have good knowledge of vehicles and are confident about your ability to judge a car then you can buy the car without a pre purchase inspection.

Yes, you can discuss this with the seller and get the car checked by a skilled technician. The used car pre purchase inspection helps in finding out any hidden faults. If the seller refuses, it is best not to buy such a car as it may have several faults that can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

A used car must be checked by an experienced pre-purchase inspection specialist. If you are buying a car from a used car dealer, he may already have a pre purchase inspection report. If you are buying from a private buyer, discuss this beforehand, prior to making any substantial advance or even token payment for the car.

Yes, mechanics can inspect the car. It is best to use the services of specialists, who conduct a thorough check of the vehicle that covers its body, mechanical, electrical, and electronic components. Their detailed inspection covers every aspect of the car that can impact its performance.

A standard car inspection in Australia may take anywhere between 45-60 minutes. A comprehensive or premium car inspection may take anywhere from 70-90 minutes. Be sure to check with your car inspection service provider on what aspects will be covered in the inspection and the cost of every inspection category before deciding. A small investment in the pre-purchase inspection may help you save hundreds of dollars in negotiating price and the cost of repairs later down the road.