Pre Purchase Car Inspection Experts in Toorak

An onsite pre purchase car inspection or a PPI is necessary if you want to ensure peace of mind before you buy the vehicle. K&R Autos Auto Inspections is a one-of-a-kind pre purchase inspection specialist who performs a thorough inspection starting from brakes all the way to suspension systems.

The following are the key pre purchase inspection services that we carry out at K&R Autos Auto Inspections in the Toorak suburb:

  • Scratches or Paint Jobs: To check if the car has had any scuffs or scratches, we perform a thorough inspection to check every inch of the exterior.

  • Checking of Electronic Equipment in the Car: Electrical equipment such as the power windows, mirrors, air conditioning system, and so on, are inspected to ensure they work properly.
  • Leakage and Battery Problems Inspection: We test the life of the battery and ensure there is no leakage or any issue with the battery.
  • Thorough Inspection of the Engine: If you tend to lose acceleration while pressing the pedal, your car’s engine needs to be checked. Our friendly and experienced staff ensures that the engine functions properly and does not give you last-minute surprises while you are on the road, especially on long overhauls.

A mobile pre purchase car inspection helps in detecting these issues. A scanning tool is plugged into the engine management system to diagnose the issue. Similarly, it is necessary to have checks done on air conditioning, heating, warning lights, horns, seat belts, locks, and so on. A professional pre purchase car inspection also includes paint depth gauge tests to check for any previous cosmetic repairs done to the vehicle and for hail, accidents, or flood damage, etc. So, if you are looking out for a car inspection centre in Toorak, book for a professional independent onsite car inspection service at K&R Autos Auto Inspections right away!

A pre purchase car inspection service is mandatory because it includes checking for the car’s interiors, engine, exterior, underbody, and so on. A pre purchase inspection test provides accurate facts about the car’s history that will indicate data related to odometer rollbacks and other such information that you need to know before you buy the car. Additionally, a pre purchase inspection provides insights related to test drives where checks are performed on steering, suspension systems, brake operations, exhaust emissions, engine noise, and so on. A detailed digital report will help you make a smarter choice with the help of efficient pre purchase inspection service in Toorak.

The Importance of a Pre Purchase Inspection Service

Though an amateur auto mechanic can perform an overall inspection of your car, if the pre purchase inspection is not done by a professional expert, the former can result in causing more harm than good. Hiring a dedicated professional car specialist to perform a pre purchase inspection will ensure a proper check starting from the lights and gauges, alignment of the body panels, oil and fluid checks, tyres and wheels, and so on. A professional pre purchase technician thus checks for leaks by putting the car on lifts, worn out parts, and for makeshift repairs, etc. This is necessary because one needs to know whether there is a need for a replacement of any car parts before buying it or avoid the idea of buying the car entirely.

Every aspect involved in the pre purchase inspection of a car is important because the technician will provide a detailed review of the car, including all the other related paperwork. It is necessary to hire a dedicated professional from a trusted pre purchase inspection service in Toorak. For your convenience as well as the convenience of the seller, you can get an onsite car inspection from our team at K&R Autos Auto Inspections.

Affordable Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Toorak

K&R Autos Auto Inspections is a one-stop service centre for all your onsite pre purchase car inspection services in Toorak. We ensure that you are buying a car after a complete assessment of the car’s mechanical health. Our highly skilled pre purchase car technicians are the best in business in Toorak and ensure we provide you with a detailed report to help you with your buying decisions through our onsite car inspection. Call us now to talk to our experts to get a pre purchase car inspection in Toorak. Bag your free, no-obligation quote today!