Trusted Shop for Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne

Before buying a car, it is important to be able to judge whether it would be a good purchase or not. For this, it is mandatory that a pre purchase car inspection be performed by expert technicians. Auto Inspections is a one-stop service centre for all your onsite car inspection requirements in Melbourne. While buying a used car, a professional mobile pre purchase inspection is a great strategy to ensure that your hard-earned money is not wasted.

We provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report on the car’s condition. Our assessment and inspections are completely unbiased and give you a realistic idea of the best rates for the car. The following are the key car components that is inspected by our pre purchase car inspection specialist:

  • Dashboard: A series of readouts that are available on the vehicle’s dashboard including the odometer, speedometer, temperature gauge as well as warning lights must function properly to avoid the warning lights from appearing on the dash. In case of a warning light, we can analyse the reason for it.
  • Tyres and suspension: The condition of the shocks can determine the suspension of the vehicle. The tyres are also inspected to determine if they are prone to any wear and tear, which can imply significant alignment issues.
  • Fluids: To keep the engine cool and clean, provide enough pressure to the individual systems, keep your car’s windscreen clean, and check if there are any potential leaks of fluids, we check the engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, windscreen washer fluid, among others.
  • Brakes: The brake pads are an integral part of your brake system and needs to be well maintained for the safety of the passengers. If they are worn out, they need to be replaced. Additionally, checking the brake rotors for uneven wear and rust is also necessary.
  • Engine: Checking the engine involves the following checks:
    • Cooling System: Radiator, hoses, thermostats, etc are key parts of the cooling system of your car. We perform a thorough check on all these engine parts to make sure that the coolant system functions properly.
    • Air Filter: We check to see if there is any debris in the air filter.
    • Ignition Components: We inspect the ignition switch, starter, and starter solenoid in addition to the alternator, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and battery.
  • Transmission: We will check if the transmission gear shifts smoothly as well as if the transmission fluids are fine.
  • Exhaust: We inspect the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe to ensure that the exhaust system works fine.
  • Car Body: We check for dents and rust on the car body surface to ensure the paint job is intact.
  • Vehicle Lights: We check the headlights, brake lights, hazard lights, and turn signals to alert you on time about various warnings and signs.
  • HVAC System: We check the air conditioning and heater system to ensure that the HVAC system of the car is functioning perfectly.

Why Is Onsite Car Inspection Essential?

An onsite pre purchase car inspection is necessary to avoid any wrong buying decisions when it comes to used cars.

A thorough mobile pre purchase car inspection will cover the following aspects:

  • Overall condition of the used car
  • Visual issues with the exterior
  • Any changes to be affected to the bodywork and frame
  • Interior functions
  • Accessory fittings
  • Mechanical parts inside and out
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Analysis of the engine
  • Analysis of the exhaust
  • The odometer

In addition to the above, a detailed analysis of the component is done to determine if any of them needs repairs or replacement. A detailed report can even impact the buying decision of the client, so an onsite car inspection must be carried out without fail.

Hire Experts in Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspections in Melbourne

Auto Inspections is a trusted name when it comes to professional and affordable pre purchase car inspection services in Melbourne. Starting with a visual once-over of the car, the car inspection specialist then conducts test drives and other tests to check oil changes, tyres, wheels, car alignment, recent maintenance, and history of accidents, if any. We also provide you with a detailed report based on these insights. Grab your free, no-obligation quote right away to get the most affordable pre purchase car inspection services in Melbourne!