Electrical Repair Service Specialist in Melbourne

Your automobile needs regular maintenance to prevent a breakdown as it can happen anywhere, anytime. Auto Inspections is the ideal solution for all auto electrical services for your car. Our quality services are available across Melbourne and we ensure safety and satisfaction for all our customers with our effective auto electrical repair.

What are Auto Electrical Services?

Auto electrical services generally include repairing and replacing electrical equipment within cars. Our expert auto electrician can correctly diagnose the issue in your car.  We provide one of the best auto electrical services in the market due to our expertise in car electrical systems.

Mobile Auto Electrician

What Does an Automotive Electrician do?

A car auto electrician at Auto Inspections performs auto repair services, including:

  • Examining electrical equipment, including the alternator and the starter system

  • Checking electrical accessories like radio

  • Installing, repairing, and replacing the electrical equipment

  • Checking and replacing the battery

  • Cleaning battery

  • Inspecting the light bulb’s replacement

  • Checking and replacing plugs as well as wiring

Mobile Auto Electrician in Dandenong

Your car’s auto electrical devices and circuits are prone to sparking, malfunctions or short circuiting. While genuine parts and regular servicing can lower the chance of failure of electrical devices, it cannot be entirely ruled out. With Auto Inspections’ mobile auto electrical service, you are never stranded.

Call us and our fully equipped service van with our mobile auto electrician will reach you wherever your vehicle is located. No job is too big or complicated for our auto electricians, who are fully trained and have several years of experience. They ensure that the issue is rectified, the malfunctioning component of your car is repaired or replaced which allows you to be back on the road at the earliest.

Here are some advantages of calling our mobile auto repair service when you are stuck on the road, in a car park, office or home:

  • Quick service

  • City-wide coverage

  • Experienced and trained mechanics

  • Fully equipped service van

  • Competitive pricing

  • High-quality spare parts

  • Assessment of car of all models and makes

Why Trust Auto Inspection for Your Auto Electrical Headaches?

When it comes to the electrical system of your car, it is always better to visit an expert. Our technicians are skilled in performing all automotive tasks, ranging from installing to fixing the car accessories like radios, lights, and anti-theft systems. Custom jobs are also a speciality of our auto electricians. Moreover, we install sound systems, cameras, and sensors as per your need. With the help of the latest technology and tools, our automotive electricians can diagnose all your car’s issues to offer a suitable solution.

At Auto Inspections, you get professional automotive services at an affordable rate. Our staff has expertise in installing electrical equipment such as alternators, starter motors as well as electrical accessories such as radios, air conditioners, and driving lamps at our workshop. We understand that your car can break down midway and, in such a situation, we also offer mobile auto electrical services.

Best Car Electrical Repairs In Dandenong

Auto Inspections is the preferred service provider for car owners in Dandenong and acrossMelbourne, when it comes to car electrical repairs. Our experienced auto electricians can work on vehicles or every model and to ensure that your car’s electrical systems work efficiently.

With the increasing use of technology, onboard computers and a variety of accessories, it is vital that all electronic systems in your car perform flawlessly for your safety and to ensure that you can drive comfortably. With Auto Inspections, you get:

  • Computerised fault detection: We do not merely rely on the experience and skill of our electricians. With our latest computerised fault detection service, our team can pinpoint the fault in any of the various electrical systems and parts. These components are then cleaned, repaired or, if required, replaced.
  • Preventive as well as seasonal checks and repairs: An important part of ensuring optimum performance of electrical parts is preventive checks and repairs. These can be part of your scheduled service or a stand-alone service. We also offer seasonal checks to minimise chances of your car’s electrical system breakdown during disruptive weather conditions such as rain, storm or snow.
  • OEM spares: We use only genuine spare parts. These are procured directly from the manufacturers or wholesale dealers and come with an adequate warranty.
  • All systems covered: Our auto electrical services cover all the electrical systems of your vehicle for maximum safety and driving convenience.

Our team of skilled technicians at Auto Inspections can service, repair and replace all faulty electrical components in Dandenong. If any of your vehicular instruments are not functioning in an optimal manner, you can talk to our experts on 0431 933 339 or email us at info@autoinspections.com.au for all sorts of auto electric repairs.


Your car possibly has an electrical issue if the engine is not starting on the first attempt as it requires electrical power. When your vehicle encounters an electrical problem, you might experience battery problems, resulting in the interior lights and headlights not working efficiently. Sometimes, you may also notice burning smells like electrical insulation or plastic.

The most common electrical problem in your car can be an engine starter issue which can be identified by checking if it does crank properly. Apart from this, car battery problems and low-quality alternators are some of the most common electrical faults your vehicle can face.

This depends on the issue your car is facing. The diagnosis of car electrical problems can be really expensive if it requires the replacement of a significant electronic unit. If the issue is not too serious, it can be resolved easily with minor repairs.

It is advised not to drive the car with an electrical issue as it can cause further damage to the vehicular system. More importantly, this increases the likelihood of an accident if the car stops working entirely while in use.