Starter Motor & Alternator Specialists in Melbourne

There are times when our car doesn’t start, no matter how hard we try. Though it might be due to an issue in the starter system, it is usually presumed that there could be some major issue in the vehicle. To find out what is disrupting your car’s starter system, you can get in touch with Auto Inspections. No matter the issue your car is facing, our starter motor and alternator specialists offer you the best repair services in Melbourne.

What is the Starter Motor & Alternator Service?

At Auto inspections, we provide some of the best car alternator and starter motor service in the city. Our technicians identify the issue in your car with a thorough inspection. We accurately repair the starter motor and alternator to make sure that your car functions in an optimal manner. These car alternator repairs are done with the latest tools and devices for best results.

Starter Motor Alternator

How Does Starter Motor & Alternator of Your Car Work?

A starter is a small motor in your car which is powered by a battery and helps the engine to work. If your starter is not efficient, your vehicle will not start or can suddenly stop while driving. On the other hand, an alternator is also an important vehicular component. It is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy and charges the car’s battery. Any trouble with the starter motor or alternator can cause a breakdown.

What is included in our Starter Motor & Alternator Services?

Auto Inspections provides some of the best auto care services that are easily accessible to ensure that your car’s starter system or the alternator is in perfect condition.

Our Typical Starter Motor & Alternator Services

The starter motor and alternator related services include dealing with some of the following issues:

  • Starter Motor issues:

    Most problems in your starter motor may happen due to loose wiring, bad relay or fuse, battery corrosion, worn-out parts in the system, or oil leaks. To get your car back in action, we provide you with the appropriate vehicular assistance. With our starter motor and alternator service, each tooth of your ring gear is examined. All the damaged parts are repaired to make your journey safe and if required, the flex plate and ring gear are replaced by genuine parts.

  • Alternator issues:

    A faulty alternator is the result of a loose drive belt, poor battery connection, fluid leak, or long usage. It’s best to replace a weak alternator at the earliest. Our experts use cutting-edge technology to get your alternator replaced or repaired properly.

Auto Inspections is amongst the reputed centres across Dandenong that can take care of all your auto repair services. We offer an accurate diagnosis and repair of the starter motor and alternator of your car. You can call us on 0431 933 339 or email us at to know more about our auto repair services.


The starter works on the energy coming from or stored in the car battery which should be steady. However, sometimes a car battery gives out excessive charge that can cause significant damage to your car’s starter system.

The starter motor operates on the fully charged car battery and is responsible for starting the working of the engine. You will not be able to start your car if the starter motor fails to operate. On the other hand, the alternator’s job is to charge your car’s battery which is required for the function of the starter motor.

It depends on the overall condition of the vehicle. However, the starter motors usually last for about 150,000 miles or longer and need a replacement after that. In some cases, it may last for the lifetime of the car or may fail prematurely depending upon other factors.

Your car’s starter motor or alternator system is faulty if you notice the following signs:

  • A clicking noise while starting the car
  • The engine doesn’t power up despite the dashboard lights being on
  • Smoke is emitted while starting your car

You have a dysfunctional alternator if you notice:

  • Turned on a warning light on the dashboard
  • Unusual sounds or smells while starting or driving the car
  • Dim or flickering lights
  • Trouble starting the car
  • Car stalls while running