Reliable Brake and Clutch Repairs for Car in Melbourne

An overheated brake is an alarming vehicular indication that can cause minor to severe malfunctioning in the car brake system. Frequent pressure on brakes can lead to the loosening of cables and other issues. Technicians at Auto Inspections can effectively identify and resolve automotive issues before it becomes worse. As an effective auto brake repair service, we take time to diagnose the fault before beginning the car brake repair process. With extensive knowledge and cutting-edge equipment, we offer quality brake and clutch repair services in Melbourne.

Our clutch and brake specialists ensure thorough examination of brakes, clips, rotors, and callipers to confirm the proper functioning of every component. Your car brake system must be in good condition as it is crucial for you and your passenger’s safety. Once brakes start to wear down, they need immediate attention to avoid any mishap. Seeking advice from brake specialists like us for repairs can help you drive safely.

Car brakes & clutch repairs

What Type of Car Brake and Clutch Services do we Offer in Melbourne?

The car brake services may differ depending on the issue. Types of brake and clutch service that we offer:

  • Flushing and replacing brake fluid

  • Brake pad replacement

  • Rotor resurfacing

  • Brake mechanism adjustment

In a comprehensive brake service, your brake fluid is examined for adequate level and moisture content. The brake fluid is changed every couple of years to boost the performance of the brakes. Frequent use of brakes results in the vehicle slowing down due to friction between pad and rotor. Servicing the brake calliper, calliper pins, and sliders will keep your vehicle’s brake system at its optimum functionality. It will also enhance the vitality of brake pads and rotors.

Why choose us for car & brake repair service?

Auto Inspections is amongst the top companies providing car and brake repair services.  Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Expert car technicians

  • Thorough inspection

  • Complying with all the vehicle safety standards

  • Authorised auto Inspection centre

Our team works closely on the automotive issue, checking every aspect to ensure vehicle safety. Brake and clutch repair service at Auto Inspections in Melbourne is among the best services in the city. Book a quote with us to get a reliable brake and clutch repair and maintenance service in Dandenong. You can call us on 0431 933 339 or email us at to know more about our services.


In cars with modern designs, the clutches are made in a manner to tolerate nearly 75,000 miles or more without any issues. With regular maintenance, clutch repairs can be possible as the issue can be resolved easily. However, in case of serious problems like clutch slipping, the clutch should be replaced rather than just repairing it.

The movement of your vehicle is impossible without a clutch. Thus, it should be repaired as early as possible whenever any issue arises. If there is a burning smell, difficulty in changing gear, a higher biting point than usual or an unusual sound during shifting the gear then you should immediately go for a clutch replacement.

The clutch failure is generally a slower process and shows signs of failure in advance. However, the car clutch can encounter a sudden breakdown mostly because of a broken or loose clutch cable. The clutch can suddenly fail due to a leak in the hydraulic master/slave cylinder. Another reason for clutch failure can be caused due to contamination of the disc with something like dirt.

The cost of brake repairs does vary based on the type of vehicle, type of brake, and even the location where the repairing is being performed. The replacement cost can be more expensive than the repair cost. The type of brake pad also decides the cost of brake repair and pads made of organic material are less expensive in comparison.

Regular use of vehicles especially in high traffic zones may result in damaging the brakes.  The regular maintenance service for brakes can prevent serious issues like brake failure while travelling. Brake service at mandated intervals is essential to maintain your car in good condition and its extended lifeline.